Park information

There are such must-sees as a 138m-high observation tower with dual arches (Twin Arch 138), "Rose Stream" where roses bloom in four seasons are planted, and "Flower Garden" where flowers are beautiful every season such as cosmos in Autumn. Also, there are a variety of attractions such as a large grass park with an open environment, an event park where you can play to one's heart's content, and popular children's attractions such as the Bouncing Dome(Fuwa-Fuwa Dome) and Exciting Slider.

Admission Free
Hours 9:30-17:00
August 13-15, November 23 - December 25 : 9:30-21:00
opening hours may change due to events etc.
∗The parking lot will open at 8:00
Closed Every 2nd Monday of the month (the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday) *Except August and December
Twin Arch 138 will be closed from December 26th to 30th.
Parking Free(900 spaces), Buses 19spaces
Date of first opening April 29, 1995
Address 21-3 Urazaki, Komyoji, Ichinomiya-shi,
Aichi Prefecture 491-0135
Contact 138 Tower Park
Tel:0586-51-7105 / Fax:0586-51-7107
Visitor's Guide for Observation Tower "Twin Arch 138"

"Twin Arch 138" was built as a main park facility. 2 hyperbolic arches of different height and the central elevator shaft symbolize "the majestic flow of the 3 Kiso Rivers." The highest point of the tower is 138 meters, in honor of Ichinomiya City (138 may be read in Japanese as ichi-(no)-mi-ya).

Admission Fees for Twin Arch 138


Individual Groups
(20 persons or more)
Annual passport
(Ages 15 and above)
500 yen 400 yen 2,000 yen
(Ages 6-14)
200 yen 160 yen 800 yen

*Children ages 5 and under may enter free of charge.

*If your group consists of 20 or more paying guests, you will be charged the group fee.

*For those who have a "disability certificate", if you bring it with you and present it at the reception desk, you and one caretaker will be able to enter at half price.

*"Disability certificates" include the Physical Disability Certificate (Shintai-shogaisha Techo), Certificate of the Mentally Disabled (Seishin-shogaisha Hoken-fukushi Techo), War Injury and Sickness Certification (Senshobyosha Techo) and Certificate of General Learning Disability (Ryoiku Techo).

*If you are age 65 or older and wish to purchase an annual passport, please bring a form of identification and present it at the reception desk to receive a benefit for senior citizens.

Spring Festa

[Period] Mid-April to early May
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday of each month.(the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)
[Attractions] Enjoyable events such as "Giant geoglyph of carp " and " Challenge to climb Stairway (100m above the ground)" will be held. Also, a relay of spring flowers starting from Nemophila and continuing to Poppy in the park welcome you.

Rose Festa

[Period] Mid May to early June
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday of each month.
[Attractions] 5 varieties of 1,000 roses in the Rose Stream can be viewed. Enjoyable events will be held according to the flowering time.

Summer Festa

[Period] Mid-July to late August
*The park will not be closed during the period.
[Hours] 9:30-17:00
August 13-15 9:30-21:00
[Attractions] In summer, we will set up a Giant geoglyph of daily temperature graph. We recommend looking from the tower view. You can enjoy playing in the water at the "Pond of Peace" with a mist shower and sprinkler. In the special days we are opened at night, there are lots of fun events such as outdoor movie theaters and fireworks, etc.

Autumn Festa

[Period] Mid-September to early November
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday of each month.
[Attractions]  You can enjoy the flower scenery of Cosmos and Kokia. A commemorative photo spot will appear during the Halloween season! Events such as "Challenge to climb Stairway (100m above the ground)" and " Experience making a witch's broom using Kokia" will be held.

Merry Christmas from the Twin Arch

[Period] Mid-November to December25
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday in November.
[Hours] 9:00-21:00(Light up time 17:00-21:00)
[Attractions] The park is decorated with illuminations consisting of about 300,000 lights. You can enjoy the night view from the tower observation floor. Concerts and stages are held in the park.

Cherry Blossom Festival

[Period] Late March to early April
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday of each month.
[Attractions] Many cherry blossoms bloom in the park, and we hold fun events related to cherry blossoms. It is also adjacent to the “Kisogawa-dutsumi”, a row of cherry blossom trees designated as a national nature treasure and a beauty spot.  Also, from the tower observation floor, you can overlook the endless rows of cherry blossom trees.



Designed to portray the "flow of the Kiso River from its source to the ocean," the flowerbed has around 1,000 landscape roses of 5 varieties. The best viewing time is from late-May.



Various types of cosmos of different colors such as pink and yellow can be viewed. The best viewing time is early-October to mid-Oovember.


Bouncing Dome(Fuwa-Fuwa Dome)

The most popular Tower Park attraction where kids can jump, bounce and have a great time.

Open-Air Stage

It is used for park-sponsored events and is also open free of charge to the citizens.
*Please contact the park management office to use.

Tsudoi no Hiroba

A relaxation spot for everyone. This spot has “Tower of Hope” and “Large Roof”.The roof protects against sunlight and rain.Under the roof there is some climing wall for small children.