Park information

Aqua World Suigo Park Center in Kiso Sansen National Government Park (Konan Kaki Botanical Park) opened on October 5, 2007 with an opening ceremony, as a "real-life theme park" and "river and greenery preservation type park" that encourages resident participation and involvement. The purpose of the park is to create a beautiful atmosphere with flowers and greenery so that people may enjoy comfortable and enriched lives in the urban living environment. By building a good partnership between the community and the park organization, we aim to provide better services to users so that they may have a high level of satisfaction.

park center
Admission Free
Hours December, January, February 9:30-16:30
March, April, May, June, September, October, November 9:30-17:00
July, August 9:30-18:00
Closed Every 2nd Monday (the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)
December 31, January 1
Parking Free(125 spaces)Buses 3 spaces
Date of first opening June 26, 1998
Address 566 Fukue, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu-shi,
Gifu Prefecture 503-0628
Contact Aqua World Suigo Park Center
Tal:0584-53-7200 / Fax:0584-54-5022

Dandelions (Aqua World Suigo Park Center, Kasada Park)

You can enjoy the delightful view when the "dandelions," in their best season, cover the ground as yellow carpet. The best viewing time is early April to mid-May.

Lotus (Aqua World Suigo Park Center)

Various types of lotuses can be viewed throughout the park ponds. The best viewing time is late June to early September.

Environmental Education Classes

In these programs, environmental education specialists help children find something new by providing them with opportunities to learn through exciting experiences.
Water Eco Park- Hall of Nature Discovery
Aqua World Suigo Park Center.

Environmental Learning Materials (for checking out)

"Environmental Learning Materials" for self-study are offered so that you can learn about the nature and history of the Park by playing games. A variety of materials are available to satisfy different users' needs, such as materials for small groups or large groups like schools, for specific age groups, and materials compiled chronologically and seasonally.
Kiso Sansen Park Center
Aqua World Suigo Park Center.

Project WILD Educator Training Course

"Project WILD" is an experience-based environmental education program. In the course, you will learn through practical activities (1) philosophies of Project WILD, (2) various interactive activities, (3) how to instruct children. When you complete the course, you will be recognized as a General Instructor (Educator) and you can obtain and use the Teaching Materials of Project WILD, Japanese Version (650 pages in total including Main Chapter and Water Chapter)
Water Eco Park - Hall of Nature Discovery
Aqua World Suigo Park Center.

Project WILD Educator Workshop

This workshop is designed for Project WILD Educators who need more opportunities to practice or to exchange views and information with other Educators.
Aqua World Suigo Park Center.


Gardener's Club

The volunteer organization "Gardener's Club" designs, plants and maintains the flower gardens in the Kiso Sansen Park Center. The flower gardens in the Kiso Sansen Park Center have been beautifully maintained through the efforts of &Gardener's Club" members. Would you like to join "Gardener's Club" and enjoy taking care of flowers through regular gardening work?

Promenade of Daffodils

Left-over bulbs of daffodils have been brought and planted by residents from Kaizu-cho and other communities. The Promenade of Daffodils continues to be extended with the warm assistance of residents.

Tokai Dandelion Landscape Renovation Project

Dandelions have been brought from Kaizu-cho residents' backyards or from the side of the streets and transplanted here. The promenade of dandelions continues to be extended with the warm assistance of residents.