Park information

Flower Park Konan in Kiso Sansen National Government Park (Konan Kaki Botanical Park) opened on October 5, 2007 with an opening ceremony, as a "life scene proposal type park " and "river and greenery preservation type park" that encourages resident participation and involvement. The purpose of the park is to create a beautiful atmosphere with flowers and greenery so that people may enjoy comfortable and enriched lives in the urban living environment. By building a good partnership between the community and the park organization, we aim to provide better services to users so that they may have a high level of satisfaction.

Admission Free
Hours March 1 - November 30 9:30-17:00
December 1 - last day of February 9:30-16:30
weekends and holidays,
July 16 - August 31 9:30-19:00
Closed Every 2nd Monday of the month (the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)
December 31, January 1
∗In August, it's opened on 2nd monday, and closed on 4th Monday.
Parking Free (Approximately 460 spaces)
Date of first opening October 5, 2007
Address Isshiki, Oiri-cho, Konan-shi,
Aichi Prefecture 483-8414
Contact Flower Park Konan
Tel:0587-57-2240 / FAX:0587-57-2241


You can enjoy the wisteria trellis. Some wisteria have been transplanted from the Mandaraji Park in Konan City. The best viewing time is mid April.


You can enjoy various types of cosmos such as pink and yellow. The best viewing time is late September to early November