Tulips (Kiso Sansen Park Center)

Liliaceae Tulipa. It is believed to be native to the region between Turkey and Central Asia. Tulips represent the spring season and are called ukonko in Japanese. As the Japanese song goes, it is abundant in colors such as red, white and yellow, and is said to have most colors other than black, indigo blue and brown. There are also various flowering types. Aside from the popular single, there are double, lily-flowered, parrot and fringe tulips, some of which are different in shape to a common tulip. The flowering season is between April and May. Depending on the type, there are early, middle and late flowering types.

Roses (138 Tower Park)

Designed to portray the "flow of the Kiso River from its source to the ocean," the flowerbed has around 4,000 landscape roses of 9 varieties. They are perpetual roses which can be viewed from late May to November, but the best viewing time is from late May to early June and late October to early November.

Dandelions (Aqua World Suigo Park Center, Kasada Park)

You can enjoy the delightful view when the "dandelions," in their best season, cover the ground as yellow carpet. The best viewing time is early April to mid-May.

Wisteria (Flower Park Konan)

You can enjoy the wisteria trellis. Some wisteria have been transplanted from the Mandaraji Park in Konan City. The best viewing time is late April to mid-May.

Morning glory (138 Tower Park)

You can view the morning glory at the "Clock Tower Hedge Maze" located to the east of the Twin Arch 138. The best viewing time is mid-July to mid-September.

Cosmos sulphureus (Kiso Sansen Park Center)

Unbeaten by the summer sun, the bright orange and yellow cosmos decorate the park. The best viewing time is mid-August to late September.

Lotus (Aqua World Suigo Park Center)

Various types of lotuses can be viewed throughout the park ponds. The best viewing time is late June to early September.

Cosmos (Kiso Sansen Park Center, 138 Tower Park, Flower Park Konan)

Various types of cosmos of different colors such as pink and yellow can be viewed. The best viewing time is late September to mid-November