Park information

The Grass Park has a playground with a 9. 3-m high climbing net as well as 13 other types of play equipment. There are multipurpose toilets, diaper changing sheats and benches with shade at various locations. The adjacent Kagamihara Outdoor Field has been created as a site for outdoor recreation and sports, taking advantage of its large area and abundant nature surrounded by water and greenery. You can enjoy the nature of this middle basin of the Kiso River in between Kiso River and Shinsakai River, where the riverbed, forest and waterfront are interwoven.

Admission Free
Hours December, January, February 9:30-16:30
March, April, May, June, September, October, November 9:30-17:00
July, August 9:30-18:00
Closed Every 2nd Monday of the month (the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)*Exept August
December 31, January 1
Parking Free (168 spaces)
Date of first opening Kasada Park July 19, 1988
Kagamihara Outdoor Field March 19, 2005
Address Kawashima Kasada, Kagamihara-shi,
Gifu Prefecture 501-6021
Contact Water Eco Park
Hall of Nature Discovery
Tel:0586-89-7023 / Fax:0586-89-7021

Kasada Park
Net Playground, Grass Park

At the Grass Park, there are 13 types of playground equipment including a 9.3m-high net play equipment. There are multipurpose toilets, diaper changing seats as well as shaded benches throughout the park.

Kakamihara Outdoor Field

Taking advantage of the vast area with rich natural surroundings of rivers and lush greenery, this field was designed with the goal of creating a site for outdoor recreation and sport. You can enjoy the natural surroundings of middle Kiso valley formed by Kiso and Shinsakai Rivers, intertwined with riverside, forests and waterfront.