Park information

Seasonal flowers adorn the park. The park can be enjoyed all year round with the relaxing grass park and seasonally held events. The main features are the large flower garden adorned by flowers from spring to fall and the relaxing, large grass park. In winter, the radiant illumination decorates the entire park.

Admission Free
Hours varies according to event 9:30-17:00 
Closed Every 2nd Monday of the month (the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)
*Except April, August and December
Parking Free (1240 spaces) Bus parking not included
Date of first opening October 31, 1987
Address 255-3 Aburajima, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu-shi,
Gifu Prefecture 503-0625
Contact Kiso Sansen Park Management Center
Tel:0584-54-5531 / Fax:0584-54-5533

*There are slopes at various parts of the park.
*Toilets for the disabled・・・equipped with slopes.
*Wheelchair rentals:Available at "Hall of Water and Horticulture."
*Toilets for the disabled…one on the first floor of the Hall of Water and Horticulture, one at the Management Center and one at Parking Lot No.1.
*Ostomate toilets:2 at the north zone of the park, 1 at the south zone.
*In all toilets for the disabled at Kiso Sansen Park Center, there are baby beds with diaper changing facilities.

"Hall of Water and Horticulture" - Observation Tower

The exhibition content of the "Hall of Water and Horticulture" has been renewed.
The history, climate and natural surroundings of the 3 Kiso Rivers (Kiso River, Nagara River and Hibi River) and their basin are explained in an easy-to-understand manner and there are many attractions for the enjoyment of the whole family. Please come visit us. You can also look down and get a 360-degree panoramic view of the magnificent flow of the 3 Kiso Rivers and the Suigo landscape unique to the Waju area from the 65m-high observation tower.

  Adult Children
(elementary and middle school)
General 630 yen 300 yen
Group 20 persons or more 510 yen 240 yen
80 persons or more
(children only)
180 yen
JAF members 510 yen 240 yen
Coupon tickets 6,300 yen 3,100 yen

*Group rates only apply for designated number of persons or more.
*Children under 6 are free or charge.
*Eating, drinking, smoking and pets are prohibited inside the hall.
*Information about tours may be obtained at the "Hall of Water and Horticulture" reception or Management Center. Admission is free for preliminary observation (up to 5 persons).
*Wheelchairs are available at the "Hall of Water and Horticulture - Observation Tower." If you require a wheelchair, feel free to approach the reception.
*Admission for persons with a disability identification booklet, a rehabilitation booklet, or a mental disability health and welfare booklet is half price. If such persons require a caregiver, admission for 1 caregiver is half price.
*In all disabled toilets at the Kiso Sansen Park Center, there are baby beds with diaper changing facilities.

Kiso Sansen Park Center
Tulip Festival

[Period] Early to late April
*The park will not close during that period.
[Hours] Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-18:00
[Attractions] The park will be abundant in tulips. Cherry trees are planted next to the colorful tulip beds and they may be enjoyed at the same time if the tulips bloom early.

Spring Flower Stories

[Period] End of April to mid-May
[Hours] 9:30-17:00
[Attractions] The spring park will be decorated with lupine, daisies and gypsophilas. On weekends during the period, enjoyable events will be held.

Summer Water Stories

[Period] Early to late August
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday.
[Hours] 9:30-17:00
[Attractions] Cosmos sulphureus, vibrant flowers strong to the hot weather, will decorate the park. Curtains made of morning glory, a typical summer flower, as well as play pools and mist will create a cool atmosphere. Especially on the weekends during the summer period, workshops for summer school projects and stamp rallies for parents and children will be held.

Autumn Flower Stories

[Period] Early September to early November
*The park will be closed on the 2nd Monday of each month.
[Hours] 9:30-17:00
[Attractions] Soft colored red, purple and pink cosmos will decorate the autumn park. On the weekends during the period enjoyable events will be held.

Winter Light Stories

[Period] Early to late December
*The park will not be closed during the period.
[Hours] 16:30-21:00
[Attractions] Approximately illumination consisting of approximately 500,000 lights brightly decorates the park.

Tulips (Kiso Sansen Park Center)

Liliaceae Tulipa. It is believed to be native to the region between Turkey and Central Asia. Tulips represent the spring season and are called ukonko in Japanese. As the Japanese song goes, it is abundant in colors such as red, white and yellow, and is said to have most colors other than black, indigo blue and brown. There are also various flowering types. Aside from the popular single, there are double, lily-flowered, parrot and fringe tulips, some of which are different in shape to a common tulip. The flowering season is between April and May. Depending on the type, there are early, middle and late flowering types.

Cosmos sulphureus (Kiso Sansen Park Center)

Unbeaten by the summer sun, the bright orange and yellow cosmos decorate the park. The best viewing time is mid-August to late September.

Cosmos (Kiso Sansen Park Center, 138 Tower Park, Flower Park Konan)

Various types of cosmos of different colors such as pink and yellow can be viewed. The best viewing time is late September to mid-November

Kiso Sansen Park Center
Large Playground Equipment Park - Kiso Sansen Adventure Land

Large and colorful playground equipment for children from 6 to 12 years of age is located here. All you kids, come and play!

Grass Park, Wooden Playground

A relaxation spot for everyone. You can have your picnic lunch here, play ball, or take a nap. The wooden playground equipment is designed for 3rd and 4th grade elementary school students.

Mamaz Playground

This playground is for small children. It is in the shape of the park character "Mamaz." There are many fun attractions here.

Experience Center

Events organized by park partners
Eco Park events organized by citizens.

You can have wide-ranging experiences related to social welfare (equipment can be rented out)

Simulated experience of aged people, wheel-chair experience, and experience of vision-impaired people.

Mizuya (Flood shelters) have been built with their stonewalls high above the ground to be prepared for floods.

You can learn about Waju (communities surrounded by a bank) and flood control.

Farmhouses in the Waju area on the left were occupied by relatively affluent families in the mid-Meiji period. This is to help you learn how people in old days lived and prepared for floods, and realize how important flood control is. Letヘs take a look at the history in which people and river lived together.

Hall of Water and Horticulture - Observation Tower

The 65-meter tall Observation Tower brings you a panoramic view of the magnificent stream of the three rivers of Kiso, and a riverside landscape unique to the Waju area.

Kiso River Water Park

The Kiso River Water Park offers the opportunities to feel "real" nature. The Kiso River Water Park, which has reproduced the entire landscape from the upstream to downstream of the Kiso River, shows different expressions of each season.

Mamaz Cafe

Located at Kiso Sansen Park Center, you can enjoy the scenic view from the large windows in this restaurant. There are a variety of dishes to choose from, ideal for a wonderful lunch or teatime. Located along the prefectural highway, you can stop by the cafe even if you are not visiting the park. Please contact the restaurant for menu details.


10:30-17:00 (Last order- 16:00)
Subject to change according to events


Every 2nd Monday (the following day if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)
*Except April, August and December




Aburajima, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu-shi,
Gifu Prefecture 503-0625


Mamaz Cafe
Phone 0584-54-5977

[Reservations for group / boxed lunches]
Please make the reservation 1 week prior to your visit.
*Price and lunch contents negotiable. For details, please contact the above "Mamaz Cafe.