Kiso Sansen Park Center
Large Playground Equipment Park - Kiso Sansen Adventure Land

Large and colorful playground equipment for children from 6 to 12 years of age is located here. All you kids, come and play!

Grass Park, Wooden Playground

A relaxation spot for everyone. You can have your picnic lunch here, play ball, or take a nap. The wooden playground equipment is designed for 3rd and 4th grade elementary school students.

Mamaz Playground

This playground is for small children. It is in the shape of the park character "Mamaz." There are many fun attractions here.

138 Tower Park
Fuwa Fuwa Dome

The most popular Tower Park attraction where both kids and adults can jump, bounce and have a great time.

Open-Air Stage

It is used for park-sponsored events and is also open free of charge to the citizens.
*Please contact the park management office for citizen use.

Grass Park

A relaxation spot for everyone. You can have your picnic lunch here, and play ball.
There is also some popular playground equipment for small children.

Wild Nature Plaza
Picnic Park

You can have an enjoyable time even if you are not having a barbecue or playing in the river.

Kiso Riverfront

You can enjoy water sports such as wind surfing and jet ski.

Nagara River Service Center
Rowing Practice Zone

Even beginners can practice a relatively-easy "knuckle four."

Canoe Zone

A canoe experience corner will be held every weekend and holidays between April and October.

Grass Park

You can enjoy light sport such as ground golf and RD challenge.
Use is limited to a maximum of 2 hours
*until 17:00, winter until 16:00

Kasada Park
Net Playground, Grass Park

At the Grass Park, there are 14 types of playground equipment including a 9.3m-high net play equipment. There are disabled toilets, diaper changing seats as well as shaded benches throughout the park.

Kakamihara Outdoor Field

Taking advantage of the vast area with rich natural surroundings of rivers and lush greenery, this field was designed with the goal of creating a site for outdoor recreation and sport. You can enjoy the natural surroundings of middle Kiso valley formed by Kiso and Shinsakai Rivers, intertwined with riverside, forests and waterfront.

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