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Water Eco Park has been created as a park complex by the national government park, Gifu prefectural park, Aqua Restoration Research Center, Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, Kawashima Parking Area and Highway Oasis, and can be accessed directly from the Kawashima Parking Area of Tokai Hokuriku Expressway.
At the Hall of Nature Discovery and the Kiso River Water Park, you can enjoy learning about nature. In 2004, a 70m-high Ferris Wheel and the World Fresh Water Aquarium opened, followed by "Aqua Restoration Training Center" and "Gifu Prefectural Research Institute for Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Environment" in the spring of 2005, adding to the menu of learning and enjoyment.

Visitor's Guide for Oasis Park

Oasis Park which is situated amid the pure waters and lush greenery of "Water Eco Park" is a dream environment surrounded by nature and refreshing breeze. The park attractions include a 70m-high Ferris Whell (Oasis Wheel) equipped with a 3D sound system, a fountain, Large Playground, and a food court "KAWASHIMA KITCHEN" and bakery. Oasis Park is a fun-filled dream environment.

Visitor's Guide for Gifu Prefectural Research Institute for Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Environment (Aqua Toto Gifu)

An aquatic environment is reproduced with the theme "World's Freshwater Fish" and "From the source to the mouth of Nagara River." You can observe approximately 220 species of aquatic creatures in one of the world's largest freshwater aquariums here.including the Mekong Giant Catfish, which is said to be the world's largest freshwater fish.

Water Eco Park
Spring Paradise Festival

[Period] Mid April to early May
[Attractions] An abundance of enjoyable spring-like events will be held.

Summer Paradise Festival

[Period] Late July to late August
[Attractions] An abundance of enjoyable summer-like events will be held.

Autumn Paradise Festival

[Period] Mid-September to early November
[Attractions] An abundance of enjoyable autumn-like events will be held.

Winter Paradise Festival

[Period] Mid-November to mid-January
[Attractions] The candle night
An abundance of other enjoyable events will be held.

Project WILD Follow-up Course

This course is designed for Project WILD Educators (General Instructors) who either want more confidence putting the lessons learned into practice after finishing the course above, or who wish to learn more about activities and textbooks.
Water Eco Park - Hall of Nature and Discovery.

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