Park Information

"Park Wild Nature Plaza" is a park that makes use of the Sobue Sand Dunes, which is on the banks of the Kiso River. There is a place for adults and children to enjoy nature, including water sports, barbecues, and open spaces with playground equipment. Many events are held at "Inazawa Sand Festa" in October every year.
"Sario Park Sobue" is the collective word that stands for the three parks in the Sobue area along the Kiso River. "Wild Nature Plaza"(Kiso Sansen National Government Park), "Kisogawa Sobue Green Area"(Aichi prefectural park), and "Sobue Wild Nature Green Area"(Inazawa municipal park) are collectively called "Sario Park Sobue".


Wild Nature Plaza
Sand Festa

[Period] Early October
[Attractions] An abundance of enjoyable events such as the Sand statue exhibition and treasure hunt will be held.

Wild Nature Plaza
Picnic Area

Enjoy barbecue and day camp. You can have an enjoyable time even if you are not having a barbecue or playing in the river.

Kiso Riverfront

You can enjoy water sports such as wind surfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle).

Barbecue parties and day-camping

Barbecue facilities and playground equipment are available. Enjoy a barbecue or day camp with family and friends in the picnic area.

The best place for trying windsurfing and SUP.

In Kiso river, besides the park, you can enjoy water sports such as wind surfing (not motor-operated) and SUP throughout the year. Outdoor showers are available.