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Kuwana Shichiri no Watashi Park

"Kuwana Shichiri no Watashi Park" is a historical park where the rivers and the town co-exist. This park locates in range from Ise-Oohashi to Shichiri no Watashi and consists of the three areas. One of which, "Sumiyoshi area (central area)" is opening so far.

Around the park, there are lots of historical heritages such as "the site of Shichiri no Watashi", which used to be a key place of old-Tokai route, "the site of Kuwana-jo castle", which used to be a symbol of Kuwana city, the old streets of Tokai route, "Rokkaen", which is an important cultured assets of the country, "Moroto garden" which is publically opened is in spring and autumn, and so on.


Admission Free
  1. April, May, June
  2. July, August
  3. September, October, November
  4. December, January, February
  5. March
Closed Every 2nd Monday of the month(the following weekday if the 2nd Monday falls on a public holiday)
December 31, January 1
Parking 14spaces
※Parking space is limited. Public transportation is recommended to visit.
Date of first open November 3, 2015
Address Sumiyoshi-cho, Kuwana-shi~Taichimaru-chiku(southern part of Rokkaen)
Contact Kiso Sansen Park Management Center
Tel. 0584-54-5531 Fax 0584-54-5533